What is the Fuel Filter

What is a Fuel Filter . Fuel filters are complex systems that separate foreign substances such as dirt, dust, dirt or even water that may be present in the fuel received from automobiles before they reach the engine.

The fuel filter is a system element necessary for the long-term and regular operation of all land vehicles such as cars, trucks or vans, whether diesel or gasoline. Healthy filtration of fuels improves engine performance by ensuring a healthy combustion of fuel to the engine. It also increases the service life of almost all components of the engine.

Regardless of the fuel station we buy, our vehicles cannot be cleaned completely after the refinery processes and refineries. Or they become polluted during the process, transfer, filling and similar processes. Pollution of fuels can be caused not only by dirt, dust and similar external factors. But also by natural factors such as moisture. It is mandatory to use filters inside the vehicle in order to prevent foreign substances in the contaminated fuels from damaging the engine.

What is the Fuel Filter ? – Working Principles of Fuel Filters

Fuel filter; gasoline is located between the diesel tanks and the engine. In the vehicle, the fuel coming from the gasoline or diesel tank is purified by passing through this filter. Before going to the engine and then passing to the engine.

The fuel filter is provided with a filtration element with fuel-permeable pores, as well as a paper-like dust trap for filtering fine particles. And followed by a system for dehumidifying them. After the fuel mixture enters the fuel filter. And foreign substances and moisture remain in these elements and the actual fuel is filtered and goes to the engine.

The injectors, dispensers and ducts in the engine are both narrow and sensitive elements. Even small amounts of dirt in the fuel can damage these components and cause the engine to lose significant functionality.

Maintenance of Fuel Filters

By their nature, fuel filters are parts that need to be replaced at regular intervals. The spongy structure and paper inside the filters can become dirty and clogged over time. And prevent the horizontal passage to the engine.

Diesel fuel filters should be replaced more frequently, especially because diesel fuel or diesel fuel used in diesel vehicles is a more polluted fuel than gasoline or LGP. In addition, since the fuel used in diesel systems is more dirty and the injectors of diesel systems are more sensitive. It is of great importance to change the fuel filters over time.

It is recommended to replace the filters every 10000 km in diesel vehicles and every 20000 km in petrol and LPG vehicles.

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