What is Racor Filter?

What is Racor Filter? Racor is the world leader in air, fuel, oil and refrigerant filtration systems for internal combustion engines and fuel transfer. Founded in 1969, the company’s production line includes: fuel filter / water separation systems, troughs and components for high-capacity filters, oil filter systems, automatic transmission filters, air filters for high-power engines, crankcase ventilation filtration systems and coolant. Racor also provides concentrated additives for fuels, petrol and engine oils. Applications motorways / off-road motorways, marine, agricultural and stationary power units are again in the racor filter category.

What is Racor Filter? Fuel Filter Specifications

Fuel filters designed to filter and clean fuel used in vehicle engines are some of the most important accessories in terms of fuel economy and vehicle life. The fuel filters used between the fuel tank and the carburetor are used to remove sediment and particles from the fuel tanker and gas station tanks. Particles in the fuel, which is the basic requirement of the vehicle, cause damage and wear to the car engine. In order to maintain the engine of the vehicle with clean fuel to achieve the highest performance, particle cleaning in the direction that passes through the fuel filter in the fuel filter, the functionality of the fuel filter becomes noticeable.

To completely clean the fuel used in vehicles, you must ensure that the vehicle’s fuel filter is fully compatible with the interior of the vehicle. Fuel filters that have not been replaced in time can cause expensive car breakdowns. Therefore, regular replacement of the vehicle’s fuel filters is also important in order to prevent a reduction in vehicle engine performance and low fuel consumption.

Product Advantages

The Racor Series fuel filter / water separators provide maximum protection by effectively removing water, sand, dirt and rust from the fuel. As an option, you can use the internal feed pump and fuel heater.

The choice of hydraulic racor filter is an important issue for hydraulic systems. A high quality filter is essential for normal operation of the hydraulic system, low maintenance costs and long service life. It increases the productivity and service life of machinery and parts due to its quality and provides ideal performance.

Hydraulic Filter – Compressor Filters

Especially in construction vehicles, hydraulic systems operate at higher pressures and cycles. The healthy and long-lasting performance of high-pressure hydraulic systems is directly proportional to direct filtration. It is characterized by the use of oil filtration and hydraulic particles of special racor filter paper to create the required pressure during this process and to require the use of high precision filtration hydraulic filters.

These filters are screw and elemental type and are mainly used in construction machinery, industrial machinery and hydraulic circuits. To achieve and maintain the required degree of purity, it is necessary to use a quality filter. This is because the filter element determines the purity of the hydraulic fluid in the filtration performance.

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