Water Separator

Water Separator There is some undesired contamination in the compressed air obtained by compressing the air sucked by the compressors. These combinations;

  • Oil in liquid form,
  • Water in liquid form,
  • Atmospheric pollution,
  • Micro-organisms,
  • Rust, water vapor in aerosol form,
  • Oil and fat vapor in aerosol form.

Machine components that operate with both compressed air and products in contact with the air can be damaged. In order to prevent this, there is a need to remove these contamination from the system. . Contamination other than water vapor is captured by water separators and filters. Water Separator; is the equipment that should be in the first place after the compressed air tank in the compressed air line.

Importance of Water Separator

The water separator is the equipment that collects and discharges liquid water and oil in the compressed air. Removes most of the liquid water / oil from the system. It therefore greatly reduces the contamination load of subsequent filters.

In Compressed Air System; heat and pressure changes occur along the line. As a result of this event, condensate condensate into large droplets needs to be effectively removed from the system. At this point, the water separator creates a centrifugal effect in the flow of compressed air. Condensate droplets under the influence of centrifugal force are filtered through the inner surface of the separator. They are then collected and removed from the system with drainage valves. In this respect, it is very important.

Equipment Highlights

  • It is a washable and cleanable filter element.
  • Provides highly reliable power to the environment,
  • It has an effect that significantly extends the life of the fuel in the tank.
  • The water separator plays an important role in ensuring optimal fuel quality.
  • Prevents microbial formation.
  • It has an effect that extends the life of the injector and pump.
  • It plays a preventive role to prevent untimely stopping of the engine.
  • It has a minimum weight and a compact design.
  • It is very compatible with biodiesel and gasoline.
  • Allows filter replacement without the need for a handpiece.
  • Minimizes filter change stops.
  • It can be used with water level sensor.
  • It is highly compatible with heater and thermostat.
  • It has a transparent polymer container.

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