WPS 230

It will clean and improve your fuel system.
Extends the life of the engine, injection pump and injectors.
Combustion of the fuel would be much improved – which would lead to better fuel efficiency.
Will reduce exhaust emissions.
Reduces down time.
Will reduce consumption of standard engine fuel filters by more than 70-80%.
Major environmental benefit due to reduction in land fill.

In – Out Port 1/2″
Flow Rate max. 230 lt. / hr.
Horse Power 200 – 600 HP
Water Separation 100%
Particule Separation 20 micron
Dimensions 12cm x 13cm x 30 cm

Cleanable-Reusable Unique Element
Provide reliable power – Optimal Fuel Quality
Extend the lifetime of the fuel in your tank
Eliminates microbial growth
Multiples the lifetimes of injectors & pump
Minimum weight – Compact design
Perfect performance with gas – biofuels
Easy-Quick-Simple Maintenance
Water sensor alarm kit (optional)
Heater-Thermostat (optional)