Injector Cleaner

Injector cleaner cleans the injection system in the first place. Provides precise fine atomization of diesel fuel. Prevents nails and idling. Reduces smoke, especially at full load. Restores full engine power. Before all settings and emission measurements; Soot particles are used to increase soot formation, repair the entire diesel injection system and reduce engine power.

Soot removes from injectors, suction valves, spark plugs and combustion chambers and prevents their regeneration. Eliminates starter difficulties and irregular engine operation. Protects all parts of the gasoline injection system. Protects the entire fuel system from corrosion. Improves engine kicking and compression. Optimizes exhaust gas values ​​and engine performance. When engines are clean, fuel consumption and pollutant emissions are reduced.

What is the Injector Cleaner?

Cleaning is done by filling the tank or filter. Start the engine. Run the engine at different speeds (max. 2000 rpm) until the diesel injector cleaner comes out. 300 liter cans are sufficient for a motor of up to 3 liters. Tank cleaning. The optimum cleaning tank capacity is approximately 10 liters. Fill the contents completely into the tank. Take a test drive (30 km on the motorway if possible). Cleaning from the filter housing: Replace the filter. Fill the filter housing completely with diesel injector and bleed air. The cleaning process takes about 10 minutes. Apply up to 2000 rpm.

Is Injector Cleaner Useful?

Diesel is more viscous and darker than gasoline. Low calorific value is low. Diesel engines operate with an explosion instead of combustion. So it makes a sound. When compressed in a vehicle, diesel fuel is injected into the combustion chamber. Pistons work.

A weak injector cleaner can damage both the fuel pump and the engine. It causes wear in the combustion chamber, damaging the injector and producing blue smoke from the vehicle. By mixing the additives in your diesel car, you allow the injected fuel to ignite at the end of the piston compression period.

Poor quality additives cause impacts. Using additives when your tank is dirty may clog your injector instead of cleaning it. Good quality injector cleaner helps. At this time, we recommend that you choose quality brands such as diesel fuel additives.

Benefits of Injector Cleaners

This ensures a better combustion of the fuel in the cylinder and ensures quiet and trouble-free operation of the engine.

Prevents soot and emissions from engine damage to engine or fuel system over time.

Allows you to clean injectors and other parts of the fuel system.

Injector cleaners extend the life of the fuel filter.

This reduces emissions by cleaning the exhaust gas recirculation system and the exhaust system.

This saves fuel by burning better fuel in the cylinder.

Prevents idling.

Reduces engine acceleration resistance and helps prevent power loss.

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