Fuel Filter Replacement

Fuel filter replacement is very important for vehicles. The filter that is used to convey the fuel in the vehicle’s tank to the engine in the cleanest way is called the fuel filter. Thanks to the fuel filter, clean fuel goes to the engine and the engine is prevented from malfunctioning. If the filter is clogged and the fuel filter is not replaced, the vehicle may malfunction.

These faults; vehicle misfire, idle failure and shaking. Fuel filter replacement is required to eliminate fuel-related problems in the vehicle. More serious problems may occur in vehicles where fuel filter replacement is not performed normally. To avoid these problems, the car’s fuel filter should be replaced regularly.

Vehicle Fuel Filter Replacement

Fuel standards do not require frequent replacement of the fuel filter. This is due to the fact that the fuel filter is not a very dirty part. There is no need to change periodically during vehicle maintenance. However, the fuel filter must be replaced at one of the two vehicle maintenance. Just as the original parts of the vehicle affect the performance of your vehicle, the new fuel filter has a positive effect on the engine. Poor quality or non-original fuel filters can damage the vehicle in various ways.

Original and non-quality vehicle filters deform quickly. Parts from the deformed vehicle filter break and damage the pump and injector. The fuel filter change must be changed every 20,000 km or 30,000 km on petrol vehicles.

For diesel vehicles, a vehicle fuel filter must be changed at 15 thousand km or 20 thousand km for the vehicle to have a longer life. The reason why the fuel filter changes more frequently in diesel fueled vehicles is that the fuel is less fluid and denser, causing the filter to clog more quickly.

What are the problems with fuel filter clogging?

This problem cannot be understood at first with the clogging of the fuel filter. Afterwards, the performance of the vehicle also decreases. Afterwards, there are problems in the operation of the vehicle engine. And even later, it faces major problems such as engine failure. In order to avoid such problems, it is necessary to change the filter regularly.

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