Diesel Engine

Diesel engine is included in the so-called ’internal combustion motor engine group. Working principles of diesel engines; the pressure and energy released by the combustion of the air contained thereon by the spraying of fuel towards the air in which the compressed air (or a gas containing oxygen) reaches a very high temperature by the pressure of the piston in the cylinder in the engine. pushing the plunger ”. The more air intake is provided to the so-called combustion chamber, the higher the performance of the engine.

What are the reasons for choosing Diesel Engine?

Although diesel engines are superior to gasoline-powered engines, they are a type of engine that many countries intend to leave. diesel engines are widely preferred in vehicles requiring high power and efficiency.

Diesel engine fuels are preferred because of being cheaper than gasoline engine fuels and diesel engine is used in heavy vehicles and vehicles designed to carry cargo. Many systems are being tried to minimize the damages caused by the diesel engines that many countries are considering to leave due to their high emission emissions.

But the suspicion that some countries will block diesel engines at a time that seems very close also makes automotive companies think black and white. The rate of using diesel-type motor vehicles in the last decade Turkey has already noting the rate of four hundred percent.

Diesel engines, which have become a part of life today, are also very important in using a good fuel filter. Although the type and quality of the filters used provide a lot of benefits, it is highly recommended to use them.

What are the features of WPS 100 fuel filter?

  1. Filter element that can be washed and cleaned,
  2. Reliable power obtained through this filter,
  3. Extends the life of the fuel in the tank of the vehicle,
  4. Creates optimal fuel quality,
  5. Prevents microbial formation at microbial level,
  6. Significantly prolongs the life of the injector and the pump,
  7. Prevents vehicle engine from stopping,
  8. It has a light design and a compact structure,
  9. Compatible with gasoline and bio diesel,
  10. It is known to change the filter without any need for hand tools,
  11. Minimizes filter change stops,
  12. It provides use with water level sensor,
  13. It provides usage with heater and thermostat.

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